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This section have been added by request of Alfonso from the E.S.M.C. of Gijón.

Any collaboration is always welcome in the Merchant Ships and Nautical Students Practices Sections.

Or simply if you wish to collaborate by sending your pictures and having your own section


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Nautical Students Practices

(last update 30/04)

Tomás Fernández Bañugues

From Switzerland Markus Berger

(Ships from all over the World)

(last update 23/02)

From Castellón Jose Miralles Pol

(Barcelona, Castellón, Valencia and other ports...)

(last update 14/07)

From La Corunna Sergio Iglesias

(From the Port of La Corunna)

(last update 04/05)

Merchant Ships

(last update 23/02)

Gerardo Barrio's Ships

(Ships in which he sailed and also...from Gijón)

(last update 18/10)

From the Cannary Islands Mariano Ayala

(Las Palmas, Lanzarote, Algeciras...)

(last update 11/04)

Ships from U.K. by Ken Smith

(Gravesend, Tate & Lyle, Tilbury, Felixstowe, Dover...)

(last update 11/04)

From Iquique, Chile Osvaldo Morales Caceres

(Iquique, Antofagasta)

(last update 18/03)

Ship's Doctor Adam Photos

(Cruises, Ferries...)

(last update 10/06)

From Gijón Jorge Rodríguez

(El Musel, Canary Islands)

(last update 29/12)

From Atlanta, USA Larry W. Furse

(Caribbean Sea, Florida, etc.)

(last update 25/08)

Portugal from Arnaldo Salgado

(last update 16/12)

Gäetan Spoormans from Belgium

(last update 12/02)

Port of Cartagena by Jose María Casanova

(Cartagena and other ports...)

(last update 16/08)

Jaime Pons Pons Collection

(last update 09/08)

Carlos Pérez Martínez from the Port of Aviles

(last update 14/02)

Juán Tudó Maceiras

(last update 18/08)

From Cantabria Agustín Pérez Loriente

(last update 13/09)

Port of Las Palmas by Ricardo González Rodríguez

(last update 17/04)

Captain Francisco Noguerol

(last update 20/02)

Ships at Indonesia by Alberto Mantilla

(last update 29/12)

Barcelona by Javier Ortega Figueiral

(last update 25/11)

Photos from Ibiza by Iván Fuster

(last update 16/10)

From Ceuta, Juan J. Díaz Cantizano

(last update 15/07)

Patrulleras de Javier Somavilla

(last update 09/12)

Photos by Marcos Sambade

(last update 04/09)

Photos by Ángel Godar

(last update 31/12)

Port of Amberes by Eric Thibaut

(last update 25/11)

From Ilo, Perú Antonio Montalvo Núñez

(last update 22/05)

Photos of Berta Zea at Almería

(last update 18/08)

Photos by "Jota"

(last update 23/08)

Photos by Jose Mª Suárez-Llanos

(last update 15/02)

Sea of Ships

(last update 02/07)

Madeira, Charming Island, Ships Island

(last update 13/12)

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